About Us – The Fuck Shirt Shop

The idea for The Fuck Shirt shop is really a confluence of ideas. First, there’s not giving a fuck about always being politically correct. Fuck political correctness. We’ve all had enough already. Second, there was the divine inspiration for our unique Yin Yang Fuck Design utilising the ancient and beautiful Yin Yang symbol with some cool word shapes to become the very cool and unique design you see here today. Buy a t-shirt or hoodie with it today! Third and last, there was the belief that we could do it. Yeah, we know, webshops are everywhere these days and who gives a flying shit? However, The Fuck Shirt design is uniquely generated for each customer for each design by an insane artificial intelligence with genetic algorithms coming out its proverbial ears! It is not the easiest or simplest design to generate. You, the wonderful potential customer who we really do give a fuck about, can supply your own words and have a universally unique design generated for you. Even if you choose words from one of the predefined lists, your design will still be universally unique. The precise placement of a word, the font used for it, and that font’s weight is random. As a result, the possible permutations are counted in the trillions. There are more Fuck Shirt Designs than stars in the Milky Way galaxy. You had better believe it, but if you can find two designs that are the same, we will buy you a steak dinner! Fuck yes!

For the time being, we sell the fuck designs on dark t-shirts and hoodies, but we have plans to add other products such as mugs and smartphone and tablet covers to the mix. Perhaps other products and other ideas will come too. Keep watching this space!

The team behind The Fuck Shirt Shop is based in rainy dreary UK, but with a little help from some great friends, we print and ship from either USA or UK depending on where in the world the order is to be shipped.

Please note that we want you to be happy with your purchase from our shop. If something has gone wrong please let us know and we will do everything we can to help and support you. Please, please note that because every single item is custom, unique and produced to order, delivery time may be a bit longer than what you are used to. Also, for the same reason, note that we can only accept returns for products that are actually faulty.

Let us know if you have any suggestions or requirements. Our email address is oh-no@thefuckshirt.com.